Tornado Shelter Design

  • Our shelters are available in two sizes in concrete 6′x6′x6’9” or 6′x12′x6’9”
  • With 6.75” thick average wall thickness and 6” ceilings and floors.
  • All solid concrete construction.
  • We use double plated steel doors with 9/16th pins and bolts to operate and latch the door.
  • We use a single lever system to enter the door, you just lift and push and you are in. The entry is a full 36” wide for easy use by handicap device users.
  • The shelters are ventilated with a 3” x 36” vent above the door and two 8” round vents in the roof at the rear of the shelter.
  • The shelters have 8.5cy concrete in large unit or 6.5cy in the small unit .
  • The large unit weighs approximately 35,000lbs.
  • The small unit weighs approximately 25,000lbs
  • The shelters have electrical conduit molded in for the attachment of electricity and  a phone line if desired.

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